Music & Movement

"Almost all children respond to music.  If used appropriately music can be used to reach into a child's potential for development." Dr. Clive Robbins

 1 year old baby boy child hold sticks &

Music is a great developmental tool for children.  Providing children with musical learning opportunities supports their language development, creativity, physical skills, and their personal and social development.

Children recognise the melody of a song before they understand the words and will try to copy sounds and start moving to the music as soon as they are physically able to do so.

When children hear music from an early age it helps them learn sounds and the meanings of words.  

Moving to music and using a variety of instruments helps develop fine and gross motor skills and strengthen children’s memory skills.

Music also helps children to express themselves, build their confidence and self-esteem as it creates an impulse to move and dance without thinking and enjoy themselves freely.

Music Class

 Early Impact's Music & Movement session combines, singing, actions, and instruments to captivate and entertain your child.  We do so in a creative, fun, environment, singing old favourites plus original songs.   Music & Movement sessions are exciting, fun and educational!

Join us for a 6-week course £36

Drop-In sessions are £7 per week (£3 for 2nd sibling)

Thursdays 10 - 11:00 am

Our Lady of Fatima Church Hall 

Howard Way 


CM20 2NS